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Choosing A Lawyer

I know that it's tough trying to choose a lawyer. Keep in mind that NO lawyer can do it all well. So, if you meet one who claims he can do everything, I suggest you find another lawyer.

Once you choose a lawyer, the hourly rate is always scary. My goal is to have long-term clients, and that means making sure you are satisfied (delighted!) with my work and fees. I'm not your normal fee generator, and my invoices tell you exactly what I do in the time I charge. I want you back.

If you look at my areas of emphasis, they are all closely related to contracts in some way. It's what I do. I enjoy going to court to represent you and your contract rights. It's tough, but I like it.

If there is an area of law that I cannot practice at a high level, I will inform you and find someone for you who is very good in that area.


My Legal Philosophy

What most people need is a lawyer who is skilled at the law and who will apply those skills to their client's problems with common sense. I'm very big on the relationship between common sense and the law.

You can get more bears with honey than vinegar. My goal is to settle all disputes in a friendly manner. Obviously, that is not possible in every case. I give the other side enough rope to either perform as promised or hang themselves.

If being nice doesn't work, I am very willing to get tough. I love to be underestimated, and that happens with some frequency since I am in sole practice. I enjoy teaching my opponents (frequently big law firms) that a dispute with me is no fun when, to their shock, I win the case.


Areas of Emphasis

Construction Law Mechanic's Liens, Construction Defects, Subs, General Contractors and Owners, Residential, Commercial and Public Claims, Litigation
Business Law LLCs, Incorporation, Contracts, Employment Agreements, Business Purchase and Sales Agreements, Litigation
Real Estate Law Closings, Litigation (Quiet Title, Ernest Money Disputes, Purchase and Sale Disputes, etc.), Promissory Notes, Deed Drafting, Leases, Landlord/Tenant
Employment Law Age, Race or Sex Discrimination, Employment Contracts
Litigation Contracts, Business and Personal, Bad Checks, Collections, etc.

Contingent fee cases will be considered.


Highest Attorney Rating

Art Pansing has the highest rating possible (AV) in the Martindale Hubble attorney peer rating service. The "A" stands for highest legal ability, and the "V" stands for highest legal ethics.

In practice since 1983


Community Involvement

Colorado Bar Association Former Chair, Solo/Small Firm Committee
Member of various Seminar Panels on "Hanging Out Your Shingle"
Colorado State Board of Education Former Elected Member
Colorado Library Association Distinguished Service Award
Colorado Environmental Education Association Distinguished Service Award


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